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Hello friends. It's been a good long while since I've posted another mix, so wanted to finally let you know I've migrated my scene outside Podomatic. I'm now doing a twice monthly radio show here in my area. You can find that archive of shows over at Mixcloud. It's the same overall vibe of these mixes, nothing but JA oldies from ska to rub a dub, and everything in between. Check it out! Do a search for Soul Shake Reggae Radio on Facebook and Mixcloud, and you'll find me.

What this also means is I'm going to be shutting down this likkle thing here in the near future. I have noticed that downloads have continued at a healthy clip despite the lack of new mixes, which is heartening. But now is the time to grab them if you must. Go deh.

Thanks for all the support in this space since 2009! Life keeps moving, and so do we all. Big up.


Back again, this time bearing heavy roots gifts from the musical dub basket. Don't think I've ever put together a mix of 12"ers, so here's a top shelf selection for your refined palate. Play this shit loud, if you don't mind.

1. Glen Brown – Lambs Bread Collie Man (South East Music 12”)
2. Wayne Jarrett – Youthman (South East Music 12”)
3. Sylford Walker – Our Father Home Land (South East Music 12”)
4. Carlton & the Shoes – Love to Share (DEB 12”)
5. Earl Sixteen & Mikey Dread – African Tribesman (Sufferers Heights 12”)
6. Earl Cunningham – Gates Are Open Wide (One Stop 12”)
7. Earl Lowe (aka Little Roy) – Jah Can Count On I (Tafari 12”)
8. Horace Andy – Tonight (Star 12”)
9. Hugh Mundell – Book of Live (Rockers 12”)
10. Winston Jarrett – Wise Man (Warrior 12”)
11. Jacob Miller – Forward Ever (Jam Sounds 12”)
12. Roman Stewart – Nattie Groove (Forward 12”)


Coming again, mostly early 70's sounds that have been doing it for me lately. Some very cool stuff included. Enjoy it.

1. Prince Obiju (aka Leroy ‘Horsemouth’ Wallace) – Sound Storm (Senior Sounds)
2. Harold Meikle – Righteous Rastaman (Tropical Records)
3. unknown DJ – Righteous Rastaman Part 2 (Tropical Records)
4. Zap Pow – Who Pick De Pumpkin? (Bassh)
5. Desmond Dekker – No Place Like Home (UK Cactus)
6. Ethiopians – Life Is A Funny Thing (Demon)
7. I Roy – Clappers Tail (Puppy)
8. Dillinger – Dreadlock Rock (Joe Gibbs Record Globe)
9. Pat Kelly – Soulful Love (UK Punch)
10. Errol Dunkley – If You Say So (Jamaica For Jamaicans)
11. Three Tops – Just Like A Log (UK Bullet)
12. Linkers – Bongo Man (Fud’s pre)
13. Teardrops – I’ve Got that Feeling (Ackee pre)
14. Jimmy London – Having A Party (Love)
15. version
16. Ethiopians – Rim Bim Bam (Randy’s pre)
17. Viceroys – Gimme Love Enough (? pre)
18. Cornell Campbell – Give Me Love & Emotion (Justice pre)
19. version
20. Carl Dawkins – I’d Rather Go Blind (UK Lord Koos)
21. Big Joe – Jah Guide (Student)
22. Tommy McCook – Determination Skank (Pantomine)
23. Bobby Kalphat – Lion Head (Leo)
24. Tidals – Rebel Nyah (US Terminal)
25. Kingstonians – Right From Wrong (Move & Groove/Dubstore reissue)
26. Gregory Isaacs – Look Before You Leap (GG’s pre)
27. Errol Dunkley – Created By the Father (One Way)


As Carlito said, "I'm reloaded!" Been over a year since I've posted anything new...sorry about that, life has gotten in the way. But I have a few shows in the can now to present over the coming months (assuming life doesn't rudely interrupt again.) This one here is a real nice mid 70's mix (with a dash of late 70's for added weight), and it's chock full of tunes I've wanted to present for a while. Get in there and enjoy.

1. Fabulous Five Inc. – Arabian Reggae (Fab 5)
2. Twin Roots – Jah Light (Gorgon Records)
3. Westmorelites – I See A Sign (Big Dread)
4. version
5. Milton Bull – My Baby Is Gone (Merritone)
6. Joe White – Peace Pipe Dub (from Jah Jah Dub LP, Roosevelt)
7. King Tubby – Coxsone Down Beat Down Fall (from Surrounded By the Dreads At National Arena LP, JA pre-release)
8. Dennis Brown (credited to Viceroys) – Change Your Style (UK Angen)
9. Pablove Black – High Locks (Studio One)
10. Gladiators – Serious Thing (Studio One)
11. Freddie McGregor – I Man A Rasta (Money Disc)
12. Rasta Revolution
13. Blue Bells – Jah Know (Starapple)
14. Blue Bells – Call Me Teacher (Typhoon)
15. Melodians – No Ga Long So (from Pre-Meditation LP, Skynote)
16. Melodians – Survival Is the Game (from Pre-Meditation LP, Skynote)
17. Melodians – Give Some Way To Love (from Pre-Meditation LP, Skynote)
18. Ronnie Davis – You Are the Fool (On Top)
19. version
20. Rupie Edwards – Baby It's You (REAS)
21. version
22. Lanford Graham – Freedom Time (Jungle Rock)
23. Leroy Brown – Stand Firm (Black & White)
24. Thunder Ball
25. Eric Clarke – Jah See Them (Green Berry)
26. Social Evils – Gladness is Madness (Teem)
27. Little Roy – Easy Chair (Tafari)


Coming again, with another early 70's selection. Okay sure, the Larry Marshall is a rocksteady, but the next cut from D. Brown is from the early 70's, so we're on our way. A lot here to sink your teeth into. Get yours.

1. Larry Marshall – You Don’t Care (Presenting, Studio One LP)
2. Dennis Brown – Easy Take It Easy (Studio One)
3. version
4. Honey Boy – Peace In The Land (UK Banana)
5. Delroy Wilson – Cool Operator (Jackpot pre)
6. Augustus Pablo – The Sniper (Jackpot pre)
7. Dennis Brown – Song My Mother Used to Sing (Scorpio)
8. Ken Boothe – Is It Because I’m Black (Splash)
9. Zap Pow – Island Fever (Wham Pac)
10. Busty Brown – You Inspire Me (UK Bullet)
11. Ronnie Williams & Honey Boy – Ronnie Bop Meets Honey Boy (Williams & Walters)
12. Joe Higgs – Invitation to Jamaica (Elevation)
13. Joe Higgs – Wake Up & Live (Life Of Contradiction, Pressure Sounds LP repress)
14. Joe Higgs – Hard Times Don’t Bother Me (Life Of Contradiction, Pressure Sounds LP repress)
15. Heptones – Do Good to Everyone (Book Of Rules, Jaywax LP)
16. Heptones – Bag A Boo (Book Of Rules, Jaywax LP)
17. Dudley Sibley – Time is the Key (Grooving With Bamboo, UK Bamboo LP)
18. Alton Ellis – People Keep Quarreling (Grooving With Bamboo, UK Bamboo LP)
19. N. Elliott & N. Bailey – Let Love Shine (Afro repress)
20. Jay Boys – African People (Harry J/Onlyroots repress)
21. Leroy Smart – From Ethiopia (Joe Gibbs Record Globe)
22. Twin Roots (as Twins) – Rastafari Ruler (UK Down Town)
23. Johnny Clarke – Jump Back Baby (Pantomine)
24. I Roy – Brother Toby Is A Movie From London (Pantomine)
25. Gladston Adams & the Followers – Judas (UK Camel)
26. Tommy McCook – Harvest in the East (Impact!)
27. Jackie Bernard & Bill Gentles – Rabbi Son (They Hold I) (GG’s Hit pre)
28. Stranger & Gladdy – Don’t Give Up the Fight (Channel 1)


Here is another roots offering, mostly derived from the mid-70s. Some gold nuggets are in there, to be sure. Please enjoy.

1. Neville Blythe – Morning Train (Burges)
2. version
3. Drummie – Redemption Rock (Jahmikmusik)
4. Pablove Black – Jumbo Jet (Jahmikmusik)
5. Pablove Black – Cuts & Bruises (Uprising)
6. Michael “Tony” Subratie – I’ve Got To See the Light (Jah Christos)
7. version
8. KC White – Selasi I (Senrab/Digikiller repress)
9. Leon Hyatt – Forty Days & Forty Nights (Black Stax)
10. Jah Devon – Move Outta Dreadlocks Company (Black Stax)
11. Dizzy & the Soul Syndicate – Lonely Reggae (Mun-dane)
12. Bob Marley – Mr. Music (Upsetters/Pressure Sounds dubplate repress)
13. Leroy Smart – Jah Jah (Channel 1)
14. version
15. Larry Marshall – Captivity (I Admire You LP, Java)
16. Larry Marshall – My Foreparent (I Admire You LP, Java)
17. Scatty Bell – Black I Am (Fi Mi Time)
18. Black Skin – Jack Sprat (One Way)
19. Spiritual Movements – Serious Time (Harry J/Only Roots repress)
20. Fabulous Falcons – Kingston 2 (Happy Tone)
21. version
22. Claudius Linton – Put Your Shoulder to Jah Wheel (Teachers Love Conviction)
23. Reggae George – Read the Bible (MCM)
24. version
25. John Clarke – Recession (Aires)
26. Marcus Reid – Poor Man Cry (Soul Fire)
27. Augustus Pablo – Soul On Fire (Soul Fire)


Couldn't wait any longer! The last episode was so late, I was compelled to rush out another quick episode. Ya know, to make amends. Very excited about this one; it's been one I've been sketching out for some time. Mostly early rocksteady here, with a lot of that "ska-steady" sound prominent. All killer and no filler, as I would tell it to you. I have at least three other shows on ice awaiting the right time to launch. Soon come.

1. Rudy Mills – A Long Story (UK Island)
2. Prince Buster – Sweet Beat (re)
3. Derrick Harriott – Solomon (Crystal pre)
4. Lloyd & Glen – Feel Good Now (WIRL)
5. Lloyd & Glen – Too Late (SEP pre)
6. Joe Higgs – Dinah (Studio One repress)
7. Ethiopians – Live Good (Studio One pre)
8. Renegades – Mr. Hops (Merritone/Dubstore repress)
9. Renegades – Knocking On My Door (Merritone/Dubstore repress)
10. Renegades – You’ve Lost the Love (Merritone/Dubstore repress)
11. Soul Vendors – Swing Easy (Coxsone)
12. Bassies – River Jordan (Coxsone)
13. Heptones – I Am Lonely (aka Crying Over You) (UK Ska Beat)
14. Heptones – School Girls (UK Caltone)
15. Alton & Hortense – Easy Squeeze (UK Studio One)
16. Zoot Simms (as Mr. Foundation) – All Rudies in Jail (UK Studio One)
17. Norma Frazier – Come By Here (Muzik City pre)
18. Anthony “Rocky” Ellis – I’m The One Who Loves You (SEP pre)
19. Winston Jarrett – Call On Me (SEP pre)
20. Prince Buster – Dancing Time (Islam/Drum N Bass repress)
21. Emotions – I Can’t Do No More (Caltone/Pressure Sounds repress)
22. Tommy McCook – Tommy At Large (Treasure Isle pre)
23. Derrick Morgan – It’s Alright (UK Island)
24. Hugh Godfrey – Go Tell Him (UK Studio One)
25. Wailers – Put It On (Wail N Soul M pre)
26. Roy Shirley – What To Do (Fire)
27. Monty Morris – Play it Cool (Gayfeet pre)
28. Carl Dawkins – One Door (JJ pre)
29. Justin Hinds & the Dominoes – Take Heed (Treasure Isle pre)


Finally! Another show, and I'll be putting up another one soon since I am so late with this one. Been in a heavy roots phase these past months, and this concept is a long time coming. Killer vocals followed by their deadly deejay counteraction. Enjoy!

1. Bim Sherman & U Black – What Sweet You So (Scorpio 12”)
2. African Brothers – Torturing (Progressive)
3. Little Joe – Natty Don’t Make War (Melrose)
4. Dave Robinson – Chagga Chagga Warrior (Bad Gong)
5. Little Joe – Natty BMW (VP Records)
6. Well Pleased & Satisfied – Barber Man Bawling (Top Of the Pops)
7. Joe Banna – Chase Them Crazy (Top Of the Pops)
8. Bunny Lie Lie – Got To Be Sure (Bucktown)
9. Ringo – Sew Mr. Tailor Man (Bucktown)
10. Naggo Morris & U Roy – Say You (TR Groovemaster 12”)
11. Hoziah Lawrence & Trinity – Gold Spoon (Fox 12”)
12. Errol Dunkley & Ranking Dread – Rush Me No Badness (Earthquake 12”)
13. James Brown & the Maytags – Give You Want You Want (Moodisc)
14. Prince Heron – More Bawling (King Rock)
15. Chantells – Children of Jah Jah (Hammer)
16. Jah Baba – What’s Wrong (Wate A Bit)
17. Roots – Mash Down (Grassroots 12”)
18. Natty – Kingston Rock (Grassroots 12”)
19. Heptones & Ranking King – Sorrows (Third World 12”)


Greetings all followers and friends. It's been a good while since I've posted, as life has gotten in the way the past six months I've not posted any new shows. 2014 doesn't promise to be much better, with baby #2 coming in February. However, I'm currently working on two (maybe three) new shows to have in the can to get us through several months of shows. Really excited about these, honestly, so big things coming.

I also wanted to put up a quick note to let you know that I've officially maxed my storage on Podomatic. Unless I upgrade, and nearly double my monthly payment, there's no room for shows unless I delete old ones. This page is as much for me as it is for you so I don't mind paying, but within reason. So wanted to give some forewarning that I'll be deleting old shows as I add new ones in the coming months, so if you haven't saved the oldest shows and would like to do so, I suggest you get on it. I'm actually looking at leaving Podomatic altogether for the greener (ie FREE) pastures of YouTube, but I'll give fair warning prior to that.

At any rate, things come soon. Big up.


Been a while, so here's a new mix of deep late 70's/early 80's roots. Slow and dreadful, these songs are mostly head nodders of the first order. Nothing subtle to be found. A majority of the songs are extended mixes, so dubwise niceness in abundance. Please enjoy.

1. Alton Ellis – Rise & Fall (Many Moods of Alton Ellis LP, US Teletech)
2. Earl Sixteen – The World Has Just Begun (UK Cha Cha 12”)
3. Earl Sixteen – Changing World (Rockers International)
4. Earl Sixteen – Make Up Your Mind (UK Cha Cha 12”)
5. Errol Dunkley – Beware (Disco Showcase EP, UK Black Joy)
6. Twin Roots – Know Love (Black Art/Trojan 12” repress)
7. Carol Kalphat & Clint Eastwood – African Land (UK Hitrun 12”)
8. Barry Brown – Dread Taking Over (I’m Not So Lucky LP, Black Roots)
9. Barry Brown – Never Fight A Brother (I’m Not So Lucky LP, Black Roots)
10. Heptones – Mt. Zion (UK Third World 12”)
11. Immortals – Why Keep A Good Man Down (UK Hawkeye)
12. version
13. Keith Poppin – Hold Not Thy Peace (Taurus)
14. version
15. Barrington Levy – Youth Say Love (Jah Guidance 12”)
16. Prince Fari & Naggo Morris – Mighty Ruler (Showcase In A Suitcase LP, Pre)


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